DOYEON KIM [︎︎︎] is a a creative based in London. Originally from Seoul, South Korea. My interest in design is centred around finding excitement in the mundane of life. I am drawn to highlight a commitment to discovering and sharing stories, particularly through specific art direction. Integrating photography and craft work into the design work, my
works evoke publishing, photography, art direction and exhibition.

Hello! 안녕! Halo!


Soft Winter




Tool House

How Not to be Seen


Bubble: Sustainable Fashion


My Name


(Un)Seen Beauty
Sticker Pack 1st Edition

My Friend II RED
My Friend


       Brick Breaks Boundary

I wish things were more clear/ Are things clear?
His Bottom Line (蒙在股里)

Vogue: SPARK
Ten Women and Ten Objects
Face on sale


The Umbrella Man


Tool House

Year / 2024
The Tool House, 32x35x35 cm, wood 
Human and Tools, 140x350mm, screw bind

In this project, I am focusing on the idea of a connection between humans and tools. How the tools we create, make an impact on what we create–like a never-ending cycle.

The dissertation aims to explore the connection between Humans and tools within the field of archaeology of design– focusing on the idea of how a specific tool is designed and chosen by us (by intention or not) makes an impact on us and eventually how tools surrounding us is a reflection of us.

The Tool House project consists of three parts: a Tool House (wooden house), a Human and Tool (a physical book) and a post- er. The Tool House shows the collection of tools I used in creating the book. The tools that impacted in creating of my dissertation, directly and indirectly. The poster lists all the tools used. The ‘book’ is my written dissertation as a form of tool–in this case, a book.


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