DOYEON KIM [︎︎︎] is a a creative based in London. Originally from Seoul, South Korea. My interest in design is centred around finding excitement in the mundane of life. I am drawn to highlight a commitment to discovering and sharing stories, particularly through specific art direction. Integrating photography and craft work into the design work, my
works evoke publishing, photography, art direction and exhibition.

Hello! 안녕! Halo!


Soft Winter




Tool House

How Not to be Seen


Bubble: Sustainable Fashion


My Name


(Un)Seen Beauty
Sticker Pack 1st Edition

My Friend II RED
My Friend


       Brick Breaks Boundary

I wish things were more clear/ Are things clear?
His Bottom Line (蒙在股里)

Vogue: SPARK
Ten Women and Ten Objects
Face on sale


The Umbrella Man


(Un)Seen Beauty

Year / 2024
(Un)Seen Beauty, 55x162 cm, wood
155x220mm, cover - relief printed / inside - digital printed

           (Un)Seen Beauty introduces six different people photographed and interviewed on their scars and stories. Self-inflicted and ac- cident scars direct us through a collection of experiences which are both extraordinary and banal. Each book contains one story and is displayed on a human-size board reflecting the placement of the scar.

In this project, I am looking at scars on our bodies. A story that a scar holds. Many scars are considered ugly; to be covered and hidden. Growing up I had many scars on my body from self-inflicted, accidents, infections and surgical scars. I was not happy with scars, spots and natural texture but started to em- brace them since I realised each scar holds a unique story. I believe a scar (seen or unseen) is a beautiful mark of survival, the journey of healing. Scars are a powerful metaphor but also the literal place where survived experience meets the story. To emphasise this belief, I created a space where these intimate stories can be discovered, heard and shared.

Special thanks to Yeonju Bae, Haruka Uotani, Sylvia Mcgregor, Afe Abeni, Sunwoo Nam and Jaey Song, for sharing their journey.


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